Hobie MultiEuropeans Series 1 Day 4 2021

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Hobie MultiEuropeans Series 1, Day 4 and final day of racing for the 1st series at the Camping La Ballena Alegre.

Hobie MultiEuropeans Series 1, Day 4 at the Camping La Ballena Alegre.

What a wonderful way to conclude the first series of the Hobie MultiEuropeans. We had two races for all the classes to conclude these excellent championships.

The Hobie 14s had some very close racing. While Gerard Loos lead from day 2 of the championships he was pushed hard on the racecourse.

While the Hobie 16 Masters had two days of racing the results could not have been any closer. Arnaud Thieme /Ludovic Siguret and Ingo Delius/ Sabine Delius-Wenig both tied on 7 points and the result going to a tie break

It was an all-Italian affair on the Hobe Dragoon racing with Italy taking out the top 3 spots. Alessandro Vargiu, and Luigi Zonca won 9 of the 12 races and the worst position was a third.

After racing concluded we all moved to have the prize-giving ceremony with a traditional Spanish paella meal.
We congratulate the following:

Hobie 14

    1. Gerard Loos NED on 20 points
    2. André Hauschke GER on 25 points
    3. Robert Michel FRA on 27 pionts

Hobie 16 Masters

    1. Arnaud Thieme and Ludovic Siguret FRA on 7 points
    2. Ingo Delius and Sabine Delius-Wenig GER on 7 point
    3. Stefan Rumpf and Coco Miekestach GER on 15 points

Hobie Dragoon

    1. Alessandro Vargiu, and Luigi Zonca ITA on 11 points
    2. Leonardo Vascellari and Lorenzo Bacchetta ITA on 22 points
    3. Ottavia Benedetta Ghiani and Gaia Frau ITA on 23 points

The Hobie 16 qualifying starts tomorrow and more excellent sailing conditions are predicted for the racing

Hobie Final 14 Hobie Final 16 Masters Dragoon Final Results

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