IHCA Rules Committee invite you to vote on a class rule change

Dear Hobie Sailors,

The IHCA Rules Committee requests that you review and vote accordingly with the changes they have recommended.

To give some background into why the IHCA Rules Committee has submitted the rule change for comment and approval. The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) which govern our rules in racing has a minimum weight for a trapeze harness. The RRS allows the class to change the weight of the trapeze harness. After reviewing the most popular trapeze harness it is found that most of the popular trapeze harnesses are heavier than the weight in the RRS. While it is unlikely that there is a protest, the IHCA Rules Committee requests the rule to be changed. This will ensure your compliance and take away the possibility of being protested.

This is your class and your opportunity to add your ideas.

The link to vote and comment is here.

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