Clarification of the Hobie Cat 14/16 6:1 downhaul system

Date:            Middelfart, DENMARK, September 19, 2019
To:                Hobie Cat sailors, IHCA Council members and IHCA Regional Associations
From:           IHCA Rules Committee
Subject:     NOTICE – Hobie Cat 14/16 6:1 downhaul system

 On given requests the Rules Committee hereby repeats/clarifies the rules related to the use of the 6:1 downhaul system on Hobie Cat 14 & 16.

Hobie Cat 14 Rule 5.1 and Hobie Cat 16 Rule 6.1 read:

“All downhaul systems allowed prior to the up-grade effective April 1st, 2005 will remain class legal.

a)The upgraded downhaul system shall be as supplied by HOBIE CAT CO and shall not exceed 6:1 purchase. The system shall not be reversed and must be used with the cleat at the lower end of the system.

b)Blocks and cleats on the upgraded system may be replaced with similar types provided the custom attachments to the mast base and gooseneck supplied by HOBIE CAT CO are used.

c)Swivel cam cleats are not allowed. The up-graded downhaul design has some limited movement from side to side. Any replacement cams may not exceed the side to side movement of the HOBIE CAT CO supplied system.”

In other words:

  1. The downhaul system must not be reversed and shall be mounted as shown in fig. 1.
  2. For the low-end only the custom HOBIE CAT CO attachment fitting (a SSI plate) is class legal. (see fig. 2)
  3. The low-end triple winch block shall connect directly to the SSI plate and not via shackles, line etc. (see fig. 2)
  4. The upper triple block shall via a single shackle connect to the lowest gooseneck thimble. The use of a quick release shackle as an alternative to a traditional shackle is considered class legal whereas attachment involving line/wire is illegal. (see fig. 3)

If any questions, please mail these to

NB: Please note the illustrations below are from a Hobie Cat 16, but the principles are the same for a Hobie Cat 14.

Fig. 1


Fig. 2


Fig. 3

Full document in PDF

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