2019-20 Australian Hobie Championships

The Australian Hobie Nationals are heading back to Western Australia. There has been a WA team on the podium in the Hobie 16 Nationals every year for the last 10 years, with a strong presence backing them up through the entire fleet.

Jervoise Bay is a favourite playground for Hobies in The West, so make the effort and sail the waters that make champions.

This year is your time to watch the sun set over the Indian Ocean and to experience one of the most spectacular places on the WA Coast. There is a big Hobie fleet in the west, so this will be a big, competitive regatta, with the best hospitality you’ll find anywhere.


Day Date All classes
Tuesday 31st December 2019 racing (no start before 1000)


Wednesday 1st January 2020 Reserve Day
Thursday 2nd January 2020 racing (no start before 1000)


Friday 3rd January 2020 racing (no start before 1000)


Saturday 4th January 2020 racing (no start before 0930 or after 1500)


Check out the event website. The Notice of Race is there with the details and more info will be available soon.

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