Amendment to the Notice of Race 1 for the 22nd Hobie 16 World Championships.

Amendment to Notice of Race Number 1

Delete IHCA General Class Rule 13.3 (a)

The IHCA Rules Committee have agreed to delete HCA General Rules 13.3 a) for the 22nd Hobie 16 World Championships ONLY. The boats shall be raced with all aluminium mast.

After the event, HCC is looking to ship some boats to Australia and Europe for re-sale. As known in these regions all aluminium masts are mandatory. At the conclusion of the event, all boats delivered to dealers / customers in North America will be fitted with CompTip masts

Delete Qualifier Series and replace with:

The Qualifier Series is limited to 56 entries. Each of the six IHCA Regions will be given nine spots. The IHCA shall release two Qualifying reserved spots and any unused Regional spots to a first come after the 1st March 2019. Competitor’s entering must supply evidence of competing in a minimum of three Hobie Class events from 1st March 2017. This shall be verified from results and confirmation from the Regional Chairman of the IHCA in your region. Failure to comply will have your entry forfeited. Entries will be confirmed after 1st February 2019.

Delete Fees Open Qualifying and replace with:

Event Enter before 31st March 2019 Enter before 1st May 2019 Enter before 1st June, 2019
Open qualifying $424 $466 $530

Qualifiers advancing into the semi-finals shall then pay an additional $477 at the conclusion of the qualifying series to advance. This includes tickets for the other parties in the open portion of the event.

The changes are highlighted in red

Notice to Competitors

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