IHCA Rules Committee submits three proposals for discussion

The IHCA Rules Committee wishes to put the following rules out for comment.

Comments to be sent to rules@hobieclass.com with copy to david.brookes@hobieclass.com. Please state your full name and the Hobie® Association/Fleet you are a paid up member of when making your comment. Deadline: June 18, 2016.
The proposed changes are supposed to go into effect as of July 11, 2016 if accepted.

The proposed changes can be read in full at the links.

To allow trapeze wire to be replaced with line/rope for the Hobie® Classes.

To allow Tiger and Wild Cat to relace the trapeze and bowsprit wire with line/rope.

If sailors register and race with their unique Hobie Cat® Company supplied sail number then they do not require country letters as required by RRS Appendix G.

The IHCA Standard Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions have been modified on the IHCA Regatta Material page  with a very important safety recommendation. It is strongly recommended by the IHCA Rules Committee this wording be added to all your Notice of Race and Sailing documents

Sailors are strongly recommended to use trapeze harnesses with a quick release hookless system or a quick release hook, which meets the ISO 10862 standard.

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