May 2015 – Why are the weather forecasts so bad!

Despite all the computer modeling and highly educated weather forecasters, why can they not tell us how much wind we will have? Even on the day of the regatta, they can’t get it right. At a recent event here in Maryland, the forecast was for absolutely no wind all weekend. Looking at the forecast Saturday morning I was wondering if we would even leave the beach. Not only were they wrong, the first race of the day was double trapeze conditions. In the end, it was a lightish wind weekend overall but despite the dismal forecast, seven really competitive races were completed over two days. It just goes to show the weather forecasters can’t deliver at the micro-scale we need. I am convinced you just have to show up at the regatta and see for yourself what the wind is actually doing.

Will I stop looking at the forecasts? Probably not but …

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